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Two Meridian churches lend a hand
to Missouri church building project

By Staff
The first week in June, 16 members from Fifteenth Avenue and 11 from Fellowship Baptist boarded church vans and traveled 12 hours to Hannibal birthplace of literary great Mark Twain. Among the group of volunteer builders, Fifteenth Avenue has a crew that specializes in framing.
While most of the group worked on the building, the Meridian crew also included several women from the churches who prepared meals. The crew lodged at Hannibal-LaGrange College and Calvary provided an outdoor kitchen large enough to accommodate 100 or more workers.
Amazing results
The project's first volunteer church builders a group of 70 from four states arrived in Hannibal the last week in May.
The Meridian crew arrived the second week, as well as members of the Southern Baptist ministry Builders of Christ, for a total of 95 volunteers. During their short four-day stay, the Meridian builders accomplished a lot.
Even the crew was surprised at how much they accomplished.
More than just
nails and boards
Although the building project was the crux of the mission trip, it proved to be much more.
Their efforts were meant to benefit the Hannibal church, however it was the volunteers who actually received the blessing.
According to Anderson, the volunteer building project will save the church $400,000.