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A welcome break with tradition

By Staff
June 15, 2003
The Mississippi Manufacturers Association has taken a courageous and visible political stand for the first time in its 52-year history by endorsing a candidate for governor. On June 6, the MMA board, acting for its 2,200 members, endorsed the candidacy of Republican Haley Barbour over incumbent Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.
This is a welcome break from a tradition that has seemed to put the interests of the state's leading job-creators behind some ambiguous, outdated concept of political correctness. Our position has been and continues to be that business people must take a more proactive role in politics. They must stand for better, more efficient, more productive government. No group is better qualified or more crucial to the state's economic development.
MMA president Sam Moore, speaking for the association, said his members like Barbour's support for additional reform in the state's civil justice laws and his opposition to new taxes. This is a pro-business approach to state government that has the potential of paying huge dividends in the future.
Business groups like the MMA can play a meaningful role in this year's elections. They represent the powerful, legitimate interests of private businesses whose owners know what it's like a meet a payroll and whose employees know that good jobs are to be cherished.
We congratulate the Mississippi Manufacturers Association for its decision to exert leadership this year as the state heads toward a crucial election showdown.