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Corking the bat, cooking the books

By Staff
June 8, 2003
If you don't know what corking a baseball bat will do, then go read columnist George Will's excellent and excellently brief description, published in The Meridian Star last Thursday. A huge baseball fan and student of the game, Will described what happened last week with Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa:
So, in baseball, corking reduces the weight of the bat, just as, in business, cooking the books can reduce the weight of debt and help a company look more profitable than it really is. Just ask the company formerly known as WorldCom.
Major League Baseball suspended Sosa for eight games and is investigating to see if he made a simple mistake or if something more sinister is at work. We truly hope it's a simple mistake that can be adequately explained. Otherwise, as Will suggested, Sosa, as the game's most marketable star indeed, the game itself may take a hit instead of delivering one.