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The Daily Grind Cafe:
Relaxation served by the cup

By Staff
COFFEE, ANYONE? The Daily Grind Cafe, located on Poplar Springs Drive in Meridian, recently opened its doors for business. Owners John and Dory Smith of Collinsville offer a variety of breakfast and lunch foods, and coffee based drinks at their new cafe. Photo by Anna Wright / The Meridian Star.
By Ashley McPhearson and Anna Wright / staff writers
June 8, 2003
The Daily Grind Cafe quietly opened for business recently at 4820 B Poplar Springs Drive in Meridian, and owners John and Dory Smith of Collinsville see it as a place where people can come to visit and relax.
John Smith, who is also a trucker with the CB handle "Coffee Cup," and he and his wife decided to open a coffee shop because they are such coffee lovers.
The Daily Grind offers eight different flavors of coffee, including Columbian in both regular and decaffeinated, Costa Rican, Snickerdoodle, French Vanilla, Southern Pecan, Chocolate Decadence, Cream Brulle and Kona. The cafe sells coffee not only by the cup but also by the quarter pound, half pound, and the pound.
Breakfast items, such as biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and a variety of muffins, are also available, along with daily special sandwiches, such as Tuesday's Tuscany sandwich and Thursday's Fandango sandwich. Chicken salad is served every day.
When asked why they chose the location for their cafe, John Smith said, "We just thought that this was a good place for a relaxed atmosphere coffee shop where someone could just come in, sit down and relax, not have to leave, not feel rushed or anything."