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DeKalb company wins contract
for airport work in Pennsylvania

By Staff
By Georgia E. Frye / staff writer
June 9, 2003
Alply Inc. in DeKalb has been awarded its largest single order in 15 years as an independent company.
The $1.8 million contract from Mohawk Construction &Supply Company of McMurray, Penn., will include 72,000 square feet of Alply insulated panels and 11,000 square feet of Alply aluminum plate panels for the exterior walls of a new terminal building at Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania.
Samson also said by working early on with the architects on the project, Sherwood Partnership in Philadelphia, Alply was able to beat out the other 10 companies that bid on the job.
Rich Sleppy, Alply's president and chief executive officer said he was proud that his company had been selected to participate in this major project and credited Samson and his sales team for their success in obtaining the contract.
His response to how his company got the contract was simple.
Both Rich and his father, Al, began working for what was then called Alcoa in 1984. In 1989, the company sold to six partners and became Alply Inc. Sleppy became sole owner in December 2000.
To complete the order, more than 175,000 pounds of aluminum and 200,000 feet of insulation will be purchased. In addition, three to four months of labor and factory fabrication time will be required.
Harrisburg International Airport joins a list of more than 30 airports throughout the United States that have utilized Alply products, including airports in Jackson, Baton Rouge, La., New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Utah, Buffalo, N.Y. and Las Vegas.
All Alply material is crated and labeled, "Made by Mississippi Craftsmen, DeKalb, Miss."