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Eagle fans give team a big lift

By By Jared Florreich / staff writer
June 2, 2003
HATTIESBURG One constant throughout the Hattiesburg Regional last weekend was the electric crowd environment.
Thanks to the big crowds, Pete Taylor Park, the Hattiesburg Regional site, now has a new attendance record of 4,601.
Pete Taylor Park's Right Field Roost is to USM what the Left Field Lounge is to Mississippi State. You'll find big crowds grilling, tailgating, and watching USM Baseball.
Jimbo Berry, a Hattiesburg native known in many USM circles as Southern Miss' biggest, loudest, and sometimes obnoxious fan, attended the tournament throughout, and is a Right Field Roost regular. He said the atmosphere was unbelievable.
Standing room only crowds filled Pete Taylor Park through the weekend, which didn't sit well with some fans.
But even though some fans might have had uncomfortable seats, USM Athletic Director Richard Giannini said the crowds were energetic and the tournament ran smoothly.
Visiting teams glowed about the job Southern Miss did hosting the regional.
Southern Miss head base
ball coach Corky Palmer said the crowd support was appreciated.