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Squealer's expands

By Staff
SPORTS PHOTOS WANTED Teresa Cranmore holds a few examples of youth sports photos she hopes people will donate to line the walls of her new Squealer's restaurant. Cranmore and her husband, Terrance, plan to open a dine-in Squealer's in August in the College Park Shopping Center. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Penny Randall / staff writer
May 28, 2003
The owners of Squealer's want the atmosphere of their new family restaurant to reflect the theme of youth sports.
To help them out, Teresa and Terrance Cranmore are asking people for help. They want old and new sports photos to line the walls of the new Squealer's, which is set to open in mid-August.
New eatery
The new eatery will be in College Park Shopping Center next to Radio Shack, and Teresa wants the decor to reflect a proud tradition of youth sports in Meridian.
Both of the Cranmores' children, James, 11, and Jessica, 13, have been active in sports since age 4 so Teresa and Terrance know about taking photos of children.
Squealer's current location on North Hills Street has been open five years. The Cranmores feel now it's time to branch out.
Teresa is a self-described workaholic.
She said opening a restaurant five years ago was going to be something she and her husband could do part-time.
The original Squealer's was housed at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Highway 19 North and then moved to the SuperStop in Collinsville.
The Cranmores realized they wanted to do more and moved into their own building on North Hills Street.
At the new restaurant customers can expect more of a choice. Beef will be added to the menu, as well as other items such as french fries and a fried Twinkie dessert.
Cranmore said customers will be able to get every meat served on a plate, a salad or a sandwich.