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Thursday, May 22, 2003

By Staff
Signs of the times
To the editor:
I am a candidate for District 5 Supervisor and someone has taken it on themselves to remove my political signs. I am a jet mechanic and a dad. I find it a little strange that the political game has to resort to stealing signs.
Yes, I would like to win this race but I would rather not if it meant stealing someone's signs. And I do not think any of my opponents would want that either.
On other issues, I would like to see a countywide tornado warning system put up so all of the people of this county would have a better chance to survive a large twister. I would also like to see more time from our officials looking for jobs here. And not spending tax dollars in a manner that would raise more than a few eyebrows.
But maybe by my running for office someone will pick up on some of my ideas. That would be okay, too. If the people in this county like low paying jobs and wasteful spending of their money, keep stealing my signs and keep what you have. But, if not, please return them.
David Hackney
Returning troops deserved better homecoming
To the editor:
I am glad to have the troops of the 186th return home alive and well. My husband and I came to Meridian to welcome the first load of troops back home on the Saturday night of the first homecoming.
I had three nephews and a sister-in-law who had been over there and one nephew came home the following night. But we did not have any family on the first plane. I even called the radio station to see what time the plane should arrive.
We knew we couldn't get inside the gate but we went to the gate where the WOKK truck was set up. There were about 12 or 15 people there. One lady even brought red, white and blue ribbons and hearts for the ones who were there. Most of the small group had our flags to wave.
My point is, I was so disappointed to see such a small group of people there with us. We knew the family and loved ones were inside the gate, but we were willing to stand outside the gate to welcome them home. I could not believe there weren't more people there, regardless of whether they had family on the plane. We don't even live in Lauderdale County, but I was so proud to see the troops come home safe and sound.
I didn't know any of them but they were still like hometown folks. I couldn't believe that Lauderdale County did not show any more support than that. If the troops had just been gone on a training mission, it might have been different. But the fact was, nobody knew when they left on that plane to go over there, whether they would see any of them alive again or not. Considering the situation, we weren't promised that they would come home again. They were over there to protect us and our country and did a wonderful job.
My hat goes off to each and every one of them, regardless what their job was. They are all brave men and women and I think more people should have given them all the support they could from all the counties close by, especially Lauderdale County. They really deserved more of a homecoming than they got. I do hope the next time that big ole plane circles that runway bringing home our troops somebody over there in Lauderdale County will be there to let them know how much they are appreciated and loved. I love all our troops and I love God and America.
Linda Coker