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City to fix mayor's sinkhole after all

By By Fredie Carmichael / staff writer
May 21, 2003
Mayor John Robert Smith won't have to foot the bill to repair a sinkhole in his backyard the city will cover the expenses.
Meridian city councilmen reversed themselves Tuesday and voted unanimously to fix the city-built underground culvert that collapsed last year in the mayor's backyard.
Their decision could require the city to repair every similar problem in Meridian.
The city council vote was the latest in an issue that surfaced more than five months ago when councilmen decided not to repair the sink hole. The issue was brought up again two weeks ago and killed.
Smith was attending a conference out of town and could not be reached for comment.
Ed Skipper, the city's chief financial officer, warned councilmen that their decision to repair the sink hole could create a financial problem for the city if other people request similar help.
But Henson said it was all or nothing. She said if the city decided to fix one, they would fix all of them regardless of how much it costs.
The Meridian City Council also took the following actions Tuesday:
Councilmen raised fees for public records. People making a records request will pay 25 cents a page for photo copies, up from 10 cents, and $12 an hour for each city employee who compiles records, up from $7 an hour.
Councilmen voted against spending an extra $250,000 to add an upper level to the
downtown parking garage.