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Hank Florey exits political scene

By Staff
Jan. 8, 2003
Lauderdale County District One Supervisor Hank Florey told his constituents and colleagues on the board Monday that he would not seek re-election to a third term this year. He listed his age as his main reason, noting he will be 68 years old by the time of the November general election and wanted to do other things with his life.
Florey has been a dependable, consistent voice on the board and we applaud his service to the community. And, while he has a year to serve on his present term, we take this opportunity to wish him the very best in future endeavors.
However, the river of politics continues to flow. Florey's exit from this strongly conservative and Republican-oriented district that includes the northern reaches of Lauderdale County and parts of North Meridian will leave an opportunity for another candidate.
Various names are being circulated as potential candidates sound out likely voters. So far, only two candidates have qualified former supervisor Billy Melton, who held the District 1 post from 1976-91, and community activist Bill McBride. The official ballot will not be known until 5 p.m. on Feb. 28 that's the final hour for qualifying as a party candidate for this year's elections.
Over the years, it seems to us, the job of a county supervisor in a more urbanized county such as Lauderdale has become less a political boss and more a competent manager, particularly a good manager of all-too-scarce financial resources.
As the next few weeks go by, we encourage District 1 residents who have an interest in public service to explore their options and think seriously about running to fill this opening.