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Meridian woman finds supportive Australian twin'

By Staff
ANGEL CHIMES A wind chime mysteriously rings, alerting Margene Davis of Meridian that her friend, Diane Sainsbury of Kiama, Australia, is about to contact her either by phone or on the Internet. Davis met Sainsbury through an Internet support site sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
Dec. 16, 2002
When Margene Davis of Meridian and Diane Sainsbury of Kiama, Australia, get together they are often mistaken for twins.
In many ways they are Davis and Sainsbury have a special bond usually found among twins.
They look alike. They think alike. They both have an insatiable love of chocolate. And with the help of "angels," one of them contacts the other whenever they are needed.
Davis and Sainsbury compared pictures of their mothers, who also looked like twins.
Their mothers both died of ovarian cancer almost on the same date and both had worked for automotive dealerships. Davis and Sainsbury also had similar relationships with their mothers.
Finding each other
Davis and Sainsbury originally became acquainted online through the Cancer Survivor's Network on the American Cancer Society's Web site.
In the summer of 1998, Davis was diagnosed with breast cancer.
But she was reluctant to take treatments; she had lost her mother to ovarian cancer about three years earlier. Davis went to the American Cancer Society Web site chat room for support.
Sainsbury was visiting the Web Site, too, in search of support after her mother lost her fight with cancer.
Keeping in touch
The two women traded e-mails and talked in chat rooms for more than a year before they started calling each other on the phone talking like they had known one another forever.
Sainsbury made her first trip to the United States to see Davis in the summer of 2000, staying for two months. A year later, Sainsbury sent Davis tickets for a visit to Australia.
Davis said her trip was mystical and fascinating.
It was at a shop in Australia where she and Sainsbury bought matching wind chimes decorated with angels. Davis, whose mother had always called her "Angel," had collected angels since the late 1960s.
Davis hung her angels in her kitchen. When they chime, she said, she knows it's time to get in touch with Sainsbury.
Davis and Sainsbury bought the angels near the end of Davis' visit to Australia. They were attracted to a store that had dozens of assorted wind chimes; there, they saw the matching white angels.