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Sunday, Dec. 1, 2002

By Staff
Book bags II
To the editor:
I wrote a letter to you about the book bags and you were kind enough to publish it. I'd like to thank you for that. However, things have changed.
West Lauderdale is giving the lockers back to the students in the upper grades so I have to think they have something in mind for the lower grades. With this new development we decided to hold off on the petition and see what they intend to do. I felt in fairness to the school, I needed to write another letter about the changes.
I'd like to say thank you to the people who helped these changes take place.
Norma Culpepper
Tuck switch an early
Christmas present
To the editor:
Wow, Christmas indeed has come early with the impending announcement of Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck switching parties to become a Republican. A smart and savvy leader with a demonstrated ability to get things done and work with legislators effectively, Tuck will immediately become a key member of the GOP.
Her decision puts her in the Republican Party with U.S. Sen. Trent Lott, U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering and U.S. Rep. Roger Wicker and can only help bring more jobs and investment to Mississippi as state and federal political efforts are more closely aligned.
A personal prediction is that Lt. Gov. Tuck's decision will be the impetus for many other Mississippi elected officials to identify themselves with the Republican Party. Much like President Reagan did, President George Bush has united, energized and motivated the Republican Party nationwide. The ideas and values that most mainstream Mississippians identify themselves with are those that are espoused by the Republican Party and our elected officials are keenly aware that voters will make election decisions based upon that fact.
Congratulations, Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck, on your decision to become a Republican and we look forward to your continued leadership in Jackson and beyond.
Lance Chancellor
Let sleeping
dogs lie
To the editor:
In a letter to the editor published on Nov. 24, Mrs. Juanita Rainey, widow of former Neshoba County Sheriff Lawrence Rainey, accuses columnist Sid Salter of using "yellow journalism" to slander her husband "after the man is gone and can't defend himself."
I, too, thought that Mr. Salter's attack on Lawrence Rainey ("Rainey's ironic welcome," Nov. 13) was in poor taste, and I agree with Mrs. Rainey when she says that "it is a shame that the man (her husband) was not allowed to die with some dignity." Apparently, Mr. Salter is not familiar with the old adage, "Let sleeping dogs lie."
I don't know what Sheriff Rainey did or did not do in Neshoba County almost 40 years ago. Nor does Sid Salter. However, I do know that it would have been much better for all concerned if Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner had stayed in New York where they belonged.
I also know that columnists like Mr. Salter serve no useful purpose whatsoever when they insult and that's what Sid did a man who has been dead less than two weeks.
Richard Williams