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Leaders to fine tune Trojans

By By Thomas Burton / special to The Star
Nov. 12, 2002
First-year boys soccer head coach Charles Coleman looks to tune up the Northeast Trojans and make them into a prime competitor.
The Trojans finished 8-7 last year and placed third in the division. With nine Seniors and three Juniors returning Northeast will look for leadership and experience from this group.
Coleman will be handing over key responsibility to junior Chad Brunson. He is described as a small young player with the skills to win. He should be able to set up the plays needed to take a victory.
Seventh grader B.B. Mitchell is described as very skilled and very talented. Another youngster Coleman Hobgood will provide depth to open the field and to put pressure on the other team. Also lone sophomore Hector Rodriguez will be able to showcase his kicking ability at mid-fielder coming over from the football field.
Coleman will be aided by coaches Eric Ferry and Glenn Boothe. They also assist Coleman with the girls team as they are prepared for task to make a contender out of the boys.
Ferry brings a strong work ethic to the field. He took part in a soccer league in Naples, Italy while serving the Navy. Upon returning to the states he played semi-professional ball in Jacksonville, Florida.
The approach he brings to the boys will be the German style of play. Coach Coleman wants the team to be more patient by opening up the field.
Northeast is looking forward to playing Meridian and Laurel. Coach Coleman knows his team will work hard and stand up to the challenge that is presented.