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Pickering for Congress

By Staff
Nov. 3, 2002
Sifting through all of the political rhetoric during a hotly-contested congressional campaign is a daunting task, but as we listened to the candidates over the past few months, one thing became crystal clear: U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering has earned the right to continue his service to Mississippi in the U.S. House of Representatives.
The Meridian Star today endorses Pickering simply because he is the best man for the job.
Since his initial election in 1996, Pickering has distinguished himself as a leader, both in Mississippi and in Washington. His steadfast commitment to this area is manifested in many ways:
Building the infrastructure at Naval Air Station Meridian as the best defense against the next round of military base closures. Our young congressman has brought home millions of dollars in federal funds for projects that serve to strengthen the base's mission as an irreplaceable piece of the American military structure, and solidifying its role as Lauderdale County's largest employer;
Working endlessly to ensure that military veterans and retirees receive the best possible health care;
Protecting social security as a long-term, dependable source of assistance for senior citizens;
Cutting through bureaucratic red tape to secure federal grants that will fund water and sewer service at our newest industrial park and insure that health care is available for low income people;
Helping our educational institutions obtain valuable research and development programs and assisting with important economic development projects.
With a positive approach to how government can best serve the people, Pickering has the skills, experience, temperament and the proven ability to solve constituent problems in a constructive way. He is respected by his colleagues and works very well with our president and two United States senators. As a native east Mississippian and having already represented most of us for six years, he knows the needs, hopes and dreams of people in the state's new 3rd Congressional District.
In good economic times or bad, in war or in peace, when tough votes have to be cast in the U.S. house, we can depend on Chip Pickering to display consistent, conservative, responsible leadership. He is a unifying influence and a man of integrity. We need his voice in Congress.
But his re-election is by no means insured. He needs our votes. We encourage voters in the new 3rd District to make a special effort on Tuesday to go to their polling place and cast their ballot for Chip Pickering for Congress.