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Dickinson for Supreme Court

By Staff
Nov. 3, 2002
Our neighbors in Clarke County and beyond to the Coast have an extraordinary opportunity to rid the Mississippi judiciary of its most embarrassing figure, namely incumbent Supreme Court Justice Chuck McRae. McRae's brushes with the law he pled no contest to one DUI and another was dimissed for lack of evidence (he refused to take a breath test) and very close social and political ties with trial lawyers taint the impartiality that all parties have a right to expect when a case reaches this level. McRae makes no apologies for his sometimes freakish behavior and voters need make no apology for throwing him out of office.
The best candidate for that is Jess Dickinson, a fine attorney from Gulfport who has run a campaign for this Supreme Court seat based on personal integrity and restoring confidence in this state's highest court.
The Meridian Star today endorses Dickinson because we believe he can establish new standards for justices and deal fairly with all issues that come before the Supreme Court.