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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002

By Staff
There are differences in congressional candidates
To the editor:
This year's race for the House of Representatives between Chip Pickering and Ronnie Shows brings forth an interesting dilemma. It's my opinion that both men are of basically good character and generally have the best interests of their constituents at heart.
Yet, there are significant differences. One candidate would support the election of Richard Gephardt as House Speaker. This candidate also accuses the other of supporting the rich and powerful and cites recent corporate corruption as evidence. It's interesting to note that practically all of the corporate crime we've recently seen on the news actually occurred during the Clinton Administration.
Is it a surprise that a few corporate executives decided their own personal wealth was all that mattered after witnessing the president of the United States commit perjury, obstruction of justice and sexual harassment? Bill Clinton established new lows when it comes to ethics, honor and justice in this country and it's no surprise to me that a few executives decided they could play that game as well.
This same party is now playing politics with our nation's security. Al Gore, as well as most of the Democrats that are now fighting the current administration's attempts to eliminate Saddam Hussein, only a few years ago were quoted as offering complete support to do the same when the administration was of their party.
At that same time, the Republicans' support of the Clinton administration was no different then than the Democrats' is now for President Bush.
Chip Pickering will get my vote, not only because I'm confident he will more closely represent my values and beliefs, but also because I don't want to be a part of increasing the power of the party of Gephardt, Daschle, Gore and Clinton. And people ask State Sen. Videt Carmichael why he changed parties?
Paul Pickett
Send a message
To the editor:
Recently, the captain of the University of Arkansas football team was arrested for drug and weapons charges. According to the account, he was a good student who had already graduated and was well liked by coaches, team members and students. He went on talk radio and apologized for his terrible mistake. Coach Houston Nutt talked about the loss of a terrific player and that he was saddened.
Arkansas played Ole Miss this past Saturday and the entire Arkansas team chose to honor this young man by wearing his number "48" on their arm bands. Coach Nutt was quoted as saying "he didn't know much about the motivation, but it worked." They went on to beat Ole Miss 48-28.
My point being, in Meridian, Lauderdale county and the entire country we are trying to lift up our young people. There are so many young men and women who play sports and work extra hard to make good grades and serve a good role models in their community. Recently, Peyton Manning was featured in the Sunday Parade magazine as making a difference in Indianapolis with charity work and volunteering his time to work with youth.
Please join me in sending a message to Coach Houston Nutt and the entire Arkansas football program. They are sending the wrong message to our youth and this is a direct slap in the face to all our wonderful young people that excel in sports, school, community and church efforts.
Donna Haywood
Need more Hispanic coverage
To the editor:
My name is Michael Chaney, better known as Miguel. I'm 24 and living here in Meridian. This letter is to request more stories and recognition of the Hispanic people who live locally and in surrounding areas.
My interest in this is due to the fact that I speak Spanish and most of my friends are Latino. I study foreign languages and can speak English (native), Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. Also, if you need my assistance in interpreting and translating, I'm readily available.
Getting back to the theme of the letter, please do more stories about the Latin community here in town. If I may be of any assistance, just let me know.
Miguel Chaney