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Monday, Oct. 28, 2002

By Staff
On sheriffs and radar
To the editor:
Your article on Mississippi sheriffs wanting the right to use radar guns stated that previous attempts to pass a law allowing sheriffs' departments to use radar failed because some legislators are worried they might set up speed traps to enhance revenue.
Well, that very well could happen in some of these backwoods counties; however, the cure for that is as simple as changing the law to allow every sheriffs' department to use radar, not just the four requesting it and the two already legally using it that you failed to mention.
Amend the law allowing sheriffs the use of radar. Let them fund it themselves and all revenue generated from speeding tickets goes to the state general fund, or better yet, the education fund, instead of lining county coffers. Then the legislators wouldn't have to worry if Billy Bob is out there doing the right thing … there would be no monetary reason to do otherwise.
L.B. Berrey
Sela Ward a national treasure
To the editor:
On Tuesday I purchased two copies of Sela Ward's "Homesick" at her book-signing as gifts for my daughter and for my sister. Returning home I began browsing through the book to see what might catch my interest.
Well, 257 pages later I was not only amazed at her talents as an author, but at her keen sense of perception. For those of us who grew up in Meridian in the 1970's in particular, her book speaks volumes. However, the appeal of "Homesick" is much broader than that. She touches on some almost universal themes in a manner that few before her have.
We should all be grateful that Sela has an enduring love for our hometown of Meridian. I truly want to say "thank you, Sela" for all that you have done and "good luck!" as you set out to accomplish future goals.
Steve Robinson
Lost Gap prison: For better or worse?
To the editor:
For better or worse is the question for the new administration at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Lost Gap. Since the facility opened in April of 1999, staff members have come and gone simply because of poor administration. This is a private prison which houses mentally challenged inmates for the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
Under the administration of former Warden Aaron Jagers, there have been several suicides and one murder of an inmate. Physicians, officers, mental health staff and case managers have come and gone due to the lack of poor administration and supervision. The lost of the only full time psychiatrist, Dr. Grace Kelly-Evans, has kept the inmates in an uproar for psychiatric medications.
Deepest regards to the staff and the new administration of Warden Lawrence Greer. Hopefully, EMCF can be run like it should have been run a long time ago  professionally. To the current staff and the ones who have continued to remain since the prison opened, I say good luck. Your professionalism should always stay the same even in the midst of a storm because a peaceful atmosphere will bring forth sunshine.
Aaron Pulsifer