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By Staff
Oct. 18, 2002
This questioning statement came from a lady-friend with whom I had worked for some 25-30 years. I concluded that she was sincere, however she didn't get around to calling me a male chauvinist.
I thought it best that I should check this accusation out.
Pulling out the old scrapbooks, I reviewed all my articles of those nine years that I had submitted to The Meridian Star; stories of dead dogs, golfers, the cigarette patrol, senior citizens, childhood remembrances, patriotism, and many other varied subjects.
But, exclusively about women? I couldn't find such. Do you suppose that it could be because I don't know a whole lot about women? Even though that might be true, I'll never confess to such.
So, herewith I will make an attempt to say some nice things about the female sex, many things that I believe, I have read somewhere or have actually seen during my 70-plus years.
A number of good, or great things about women:
They smile when they really want to scream.
They will sing when they actually feel like crying.
They won't take no for an answer when they believe there is a better solution.
They will go without new shoes so the children can have them. (I very well remember this happening during my childhood.)
They will go to the doctor to help support a frightened friend.
They cheer when their friends get awards and they cry when their own children excel.
They know that a kiss or hug will heal a broken heart.
They do MUCH more than just give birth.
They always have a lot to say and give.
Now, to make this article complete, I must add a few of the advantages over men that women possess:
Taxis will stop for them.
They were the first allowed to get off the Titanic.
If they forget to shave, no one has to know.
They can congratulate members of their team without ever touching their rears.
They don't have to reach down ever so often to scratch themselves or to make sure they are zippered, as do the males.
They can talk to men without having to picture them naked.
They never regret piercing their ears.
They can tell all about a person just by looking at their shoes.
They can talk about how silly men look when they are around, because the men aren't listening anyway.
So, my very good lady friend, I hope this will add to your pride of being a women and make up for some of my previous oversight in writings..
Women! I'm so very glad that you are one.