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Artist Spotlight:Scott Gavin designs
furniture with a twist

By By Elizabeth Hall / special to The Star
October 20, 2002
Scott Gavin first discovered his love for design as a child. His father, architect Bill Gavin, often brought his young son along on projects.
But, he never expected his passion for architecture to result in an even greater passion for furniture design. In fact, Gavin became a furniture designer almost by accident.
Gavin worked as an architect for many years, both in New York and Dallas. When the architecture firm in Dallas failed, Gavin began filling orders for a friend who was starting a new furniture design company.
When he moved back to his native Meridian, Gavin's business was soon booming.
Gavin owns J. Scott Gavin design, 2306 Front St. From antique lamps to bassinets and urns, he stays swamped in orders but wouldn't have it any other way.
After measurements are taken and a color palette is established, Gavin is usually allowed a lot of creative freedom which he attributes to his growing rapport among customers.
And, as is evident upon visiting his workshop, he "has a thing for Italian styles." For instance, he recently painted a mural of Pompeii on a plain wooden chest.
In the March/April edition of Mississippi Magazine, Gavin's work was featured as the "Judge's Choice" of the magazine's Interior Design Competition.
The winning combination was a guest bedroom designed by Bob Hampton of Memphis and furniture by Gavin.
Gavin said his favorite part about being a custom designer is the chance to meet a variety of people.