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Pickering: U.S. must stand up to Saddam

By By William F. West / community editor
Oct. 15, 2002
PHILADELPHIA U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering said he supported giving President Bush the power to use force in Iraq if necessary because Saddam Hussein is evil.
The U.S. Senate voted late last week to give Bush approval to use military force if the Iraqi president fails to completely disarm weapons of mass destruction.
The U.S. House also passed the same resolution last week, and Bush is trying to rally international support behind a tough anti-Iraqi resolution at the United Nations.
Pickering said he hopes last week's congressional action will strengthen the international coalition and a U.N. resolve to force Saddam to live up to U.S. conditions.
Later in the day in Meridian, Pickering also labeled as tragic the murders of nine people and wounding of two others by sniper fire in the Washington area this month.
Pickering said he does not believe a terrorist organization is involved but he also doesn't rule out the possibility. He echoed Bush's call for a homeland security agency to prepare local law enforcement to protect their communities.