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Local principals unaware of violations

By By Lynette Wilson / staff writer
Oct. 13, 2002
Principal Fred Brashier of Poplar Springs Elementary School said Saturday he didn't know his school's cafeteria had failed health inspections.
Poplar Springs was one of two Meridian schools included in an Associated Press report released over the weekend. The charts which accompany this story list schools whose cafeterias have been cited for health inspection violations between 2000 and 2002.
According to the AP, Poplar Springs failed two inspections, in October 2000 and January 2001.
Brashier said Donna Freyaldenhoven, the director of food service for the Meridian Public School District, oversees the operation of the cafeteria. And, he said, food preparation for his students is done off-site.
Poplar Springs was not included in the latest listing, which covers 458 inspections done since January 2002.
West End Elementary, however, was included in the latest list for failing a health inspection in April 2002. The problem was corrected almost immediately.
Food preparation for West End students is also done off-site, said Principal Judy Radcliff.
Radcliff was also unaware her school's cafeteria had been cited for violations.
Superintendent Janet McLin and Food Service Director Donna Freyaldenhoven could not be reached for comment Saturday.
Violations since January 2002:
Here is a partial list of schools that have failed at least one
lunchroom health inspection since January 2002. The list is based on an Associated Press survey of 458 of 967 school inspection records.
n Blair High School, Hattiesburg 2/13/02
n Coffeeville High School, Coffeeville 8/14/02
n D'Iberville Middle School, D'Iberville 1/8/02
n Dukate Elementary School, Biloxi 1/11/02
n Green Elementary School, Jackson 8/14/02
n Higgins Junior High School, Clarksdale 8/2/02
n Jackson Elementary School, Pascagoula 1/28/02
n Jefferson Davis Elementary School, Biloxi 9/24/02
n Lake Elementary School, Pascagoula 1/28/02
n Linwood Elementary School, Yazoo City 4/22/02, 8/14/02
n Long Beach High School, Long Beach 4/22/02
n Long Beach Junior High School, Long Beach 4/22/02
n Lopez Elementary School, Biloxi 1/22/02
n Magee Junior High School, Magee 5/21/02
n Magnolia Junior High School, Moss Point 1/18/02
n Mendenhall Elementary School, Mendenhall 1/31/02, 5/21/02
n Morton High School, Morton 2/11/02
n North Jackson Elementary School, Jackson 8/30/02
n North Panola High School, Sardis 3/2/02, 3/20/02
n Oak Forest School, Jackson 2/5/02
n Pascagoula High School, Pascagoula 5/16/02
n Pass Road Elementary School, Gulfport 4/22/02
n Powell Middle School, Jackson 1/30/02, 4/22/02
n R.H. Bearden Elementary School, Sumner 2/7/02
n Rowan Middle School, Jackson 8/19/02
n South Delta Elementary School, Rolling Fork 8/19/02
n South Panola High School, Batesville 9/4/02
n St. James Elementary School, Gulfport 9/9/02
n Stone Junior High School, Wiggins 5/7/02
n Timberlawn Elementary School, Jackson 1/29/02
n Trent Lott Middle School, Pascagoula 5/16/02
n Watkins Elementary School, Jackson 8/28/02
n West End Elementary School, Meridian 4/17/02
n West Jones High School, Laurel 1/31/02
n Woolmarket Elementary, Biloxi 5/15/02
Total: 37 schools
Most violations 2000-2002:
Here is a partial list of schools with the most individual violations cited or corrected in health inspections from 2000-2002. The list is based on an Associated Press survey of 458 of 967 Mississippi school health inspection records.
n Poplar Springs Elementary, Meridian: 2 failures (10/20/00, 1/16/01); 7 total violations (2 corrected during inspection)
n South Delta Elementary School, Rolling Fork: 4 failures (2/9/00, 5/17/00, 1/23/02, 7/9/02); 5 total violations
n Central Elementary School, Oxford: 1 failure (10/1/01); 5 total
n R.H. Bearden Elementary School, Sumner: 2 failures (8/22/01, 2/7/01); 5 total violations
n Westminster Academy, Gulfport: 2 failures (5/4/00, 5/3/01); 5 total violations (1 corrected during inspection)
n Bel-Aire Elementary, Gulfport: 1 failure (5/1/01); 4 total violations
n D'Iberville Elementary School, D'Iberville: 2 failures (9/12/00, 5/7/01); 4 total violations
n North Panola High School, Sardis: 2 failures (3/2/02, 3/20/02); 4 total violations
n Kirkpatrick School, Clarksdale: 2 failures (11/28/00, 3/8/01); 4 total violations
n Oakland Heights Elementary, Meridian: 2 failures (1/18/01, 1/23/01); 4 total violations (2 corrected)
n Sykes School, Jackson: 3 failures: (9/1/00, 3/2/01, 11/28/01); 4 total violations.