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Rush unveils new Heart Station

By Staff
TILT TABLE – Deanie Hollingsworth, left, coordinator of the Heart Station at Rush Foundation Hospital, demonstrates "tilt table studies" equipment with the help of cardiology technician Valla Taylor during an employee open house on Thursday. The equipment helps doctors determine what causes blackouts. Photo by Steve Gillespie
By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
Oct. 11, 2002
Rush Foundation Hospital unveiled its new Heart Station Thursday with an employee open house. The renovated, expanded and relocated unit is used for non-invasive evaluations of heart disease.
Dr. Charles Davenport, cardiologist, said the Heart Station has new equipment to monitor heart rhythms, view ultra-sound pictures and conduct stress tests.
Tilt testing is a new procedure for Rush Foundation Hospital, said Deanie Hollingsworth, coordinator of the Heart Station.
During "tilt table studies," patients are strapped to a movable table while images of the heart are produced and heart rate and blood pressure are monitored. Tilt testing is used to evaluate patients who experience blackouts. Davenport said the cause of blackouts is usually difficult to pinpoint.
Chuck Reece, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Rush Health Systems, said the Heart Station has been open for several months.
Rush held an employees open house last month for its expanded catheterization lab, where vascular and cardiovascular procedures to remove blockage in arteries are performed.
In May, the hospital unveiled a new cardiac recovery unit for patients who have had angioplasty, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery.