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Saints' Haslett focuses on future

By By Richard Dark / EMG sports writer
Oct. 8, 2002
NEW ORLEANS New Orleans Saints coach Jim Haslett isn't one for waxing nostalgic. So it came as no surprise that the day after his squad gave him a 32-29 victory over his old team, he spent more time focusing on the task ahead than looking back.
Hence, this week's assignment of taking on the high-octane offense of the Washington Redskins (2-2) and the reluctance to address the status of suspended cornerback Dale Carter, whose reinstatement, it was learned Sunday evening, was denied by the league.
One area he does know a great deal about of late is player injuries. The Saints have suffered a myriad of bumps and bruises the last couple of weeks after starting out the first couple of games relatively healthy.
This weekend in the nation's capital the Saints will be without linebacker Travis Carroll, who suffered a broken leg. It is uncertain whether or not Philadelphia native Fred McAfee will be back in the lineup after re-injuring his hamstring Sunday. The status of both Donte Stallworth and Keyuo Craver won't be known until later in the week.
If the Carter situation is currently magnified, it has to be Redskins week.
The Skins known for their Fun-n'-Gun offense a'la their architect Steve Spurrier, are characterized by an aerial attack like no other.
But, of course, Haslett isn't worried.
Bantering is almost certain to crop up where the Washington coach is concerned.
Spurrier is no stranger to controversy, drawing the ire of nearly every other coach in the Southeastern Conference during his tenure there. He wasted no time drawing battle lines with his NFL brethren when he moved up to take the helm in D.C. One of the first coaches he drew a bead on was Haslett, in regards to the Saints coach penchant for putting in long days, which is somewhat a different road than the man once referred to as "Darth Visor" has been known to take.