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Sunday, Oct. 6, 2002

By Staff
The way I see it
To the editor:
In a few weeks America will have the most important election within my lifetime of 74 years. All responsible voters should realize how this election will influence our family, our religion and our government.
I find that adult people, generally speaking, fall within one of two categories. Conservatives or liberals.
Conservatives place God first, then their family, their community, their state, their nation and then the world and in that order.
Liberals do the direct opposite.
Conservatives know that God made them in His own image and tend to know Him in a personal sort of way. God has the answers. They don't.
Liberals have a tendency to make God in their image. They seem to look at God as an abstraction, a separate entity and generally do not think of God as a person. They seem to have all the answers anyway.
Conservatives tend to be responsible, moderate, prudent, cautious and traditional in manner and style; a natural tendency to conserve and preserve whatsoever is tried and true within their religion, family and their government.
Liberals actually believe themselves to be superior to everyone else. They are elitists and relish and enjoy a constant state of change. There seems to be a dissatisfaction way down deep inside themselves, a desire for inferior people to rely upon them for their very existence. This elitist attitude is prevalent within their religion, family and government.
Conservatives believe in the Judeo/Christian principles of our Constitution and always practice an "atmosphere of cooperation" concerning the Bill of Rights and religion.
Liberals, all of them that I know, are seeking a secular government devoid of God in every which way, shape, manner or form.
Conservatives are overwhelmingly supporting our commander-in-chief in the war on terrorists.
Liberals seem to be more concerned about promoting immoral and decadent social sins our enemies use to become what they are terrorists.
That is the way I see it. You be the judge.
Barney Shepherd
Medical community
being used' by big business
To the editor:
Those of us who have followed the special session day to day are becoming increasingly aware that our medical community has been used to front the agenda of multi-national pharmaceutical companies and out of state insurance companies seeking "tort reform" to benefit their own bottom lines.
There may indeed be a medical malpractice insurance premium crisis, but there is no medical civil justice crisis. If there were, then the doctors would have welcomed the offer of increased protection against frivolous lawsuits, good samaritan immunity, venue changes and changes to joint and several liability, all provisions of the House conferees' most recent proposal. Instead, the doctors joined big business and pharmaceutical interests in the Senate and rejected that proposal.
Make no mistake the ultimate goal of Mississippians for Economic Progress, the United States Chamber of Commerce and their ilk is to increase business profits at the expense of the injured, maimed, killed or robbed citizens of this state. And they are using doctors and our medical community to further that plan.
I hope the doctors understand what they are being asked to give up to help further the cause of international business.
David W. Baria
President, Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association