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Lauderdale County School Board joins three others to seek grant

By By Lynette Wilson / staff writer
Aug. 16, 2002
The Lauderdale County School Board voted Thursday to let Superintendent David Little join three other districts to seek a $60,000 grant.
Little said Lauderdale County will partner with the Meridian, Winona and Hinds County school districts in applying for a grant from the Phil Hardin Foundation a Mississippi-based charitable organization devoted to furthering education.
He said the $60,000 would be split four ways.
Lauderdale County would use its $15,000 share to contract with a firm that specializes in auditing technological needs of schools. It would work with the firm for one year to purchase equipment.
In other matters, the board voted 3 -1 to add a cross country team to Clarkdale Attendance Center's sports program.
Board members also said they will reconsider a proposal they rejected last year to give West Lauderdale Attendance Center a cross country team.