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Council rescinds fire fighting agreement with county

By By Fredie Carmichael / staff writer
Aug. 7, 2002
Meridian City Council members voted Tuesday to no longer provide fire protection for residents outside the city limits..
City officials say the move will protect its fire rating and residents' low insurance rates. With the old agreement, the city's fire rating could have been jeopardized if a house burned down in the county.
Meridian and areas near the city limits have a Class 4 rating, while areas in the county have Class 8 to Class 10 ratings. The lower ratings mean lower insurance premiums for homeowners.
Mayor John Robert Smith recommended that council members rescind the firefighting agreement with the county.
The old agreement was passed in 1986 and stated that city firefighters could respond to a fire in the county if their assistance is needed. The county is served by 22 volunteer fire departments.
The vote to rescind the firefighting agreement will not affect rescue calls. The Meridian Fire Department will still respond to emergency calls and car accidents if needed.
Here's a look at other actions Meridian City Council members took at their regular meeting Tuesday:
They voted to adopt the 2002 edition of the National Electrical Code. The code requires a 20-amp circuit as the minimum amperage rather than the current 15.
City officials say safety is the reason for the change because most new appliances have 12- to 14-amp circuits. The new code will be enforced on all new circuits made in the city.
They approved the appointment of Debra Brewer and George Myers to the Meridian Planning Commission. They replace Jenifer Buford and Tom Lawrence, whose terms expired in May.
They approved the appointment of Mitchell Howard Jr. to the Meridian and Bonita Lakes Development Authority for a five-year term.
They voted to re-appoint Alex Weddington to the Board of Zoning Appeals. His term had expired Aug. 4.