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Residents support death penalty

By Staff
From staff reports
July 17, 2002
Sharon Busler of Lauderdale County has mixed opinions about the death penalty even though she was a friend of the state trooper whose killer faces execution tonight.
Busler knew Trooper Bruce Ladner while she was growing up in South Mississippi. Ladner's convicted killer, Tracy Allen Hansen, is expected to be put to death by lethal injection tonight.
Other residents in and around Meridian and Lauderdale County also shared their opinions on capital punishment and what would be the state's first execution since 1989.
Retired Lauderdale County resident Rick Morefield said he supports the death penalty "if it reaches the point where an inmate cannot be rehabilitated and cannot contribute to society."
Leslie Payne of Meridian said she doesn't have an opinion.
Payne has been following the Hansen case and said she's really torn. She'd like to think the suffering of the victim's family will be eased, she said, but she doesn't believe it will.
Dale Boddie of Meridian said at one time he was against capital punishment.
Gary Peeples of Meridian said he supports capital punishment in extreme cases.