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About those vanity tags

By Staff
July 3, 2002
It probably started years ago when owners wanted to put their initials or some cleverly abbreviated slogan in the seven spaces on their car tags. Now, though, the concept of vanity tags and specialty tags has taken on a whole new life.
Starting this past Monday, car tags carrying the political message "Choose Life" are available for $30 extra. They feature cartoon drawings of a boy and a girl and most of the money raised will go to crisis pregnancy centers. The Legislature turned thumbs down on a "Pro-Choice" message, which, of course, could leave the issue up to judicial review.
Other new specialty tags will allow folks to promote their favorite NASCAR drivers, for $35 extra a year.
While the debate may continue on whether specialty tags with a political message are good or bad, what caught our eye was that the NASCAR tag costs more than the "Choose Life" tag. Surely this is not a comment on the value of human life.