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Soccer just doesn't get the job done

By Staff
I don't have anything against soccer. On the other hand, I don't have anything for soccer either.
It's a great game when it's played from the high school level down,particularly for the itty bitties with their mothers and fathers screaming and jumping up and down on the sidelines.
They tell me it was a big deal that the American team made it to the quarterfinals. Sorry, I'd rather watch Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern, Jackson State, Alcorn, even Mississippi Valley play their spring practice game and there are few things duller than that.
Widen the goals, change the rules, I don't care what they do. Just give me six or eight or 10  scores and I may find something I've missed. I can watch men and women jog in the park and have more fun. Maybe women's soccer is the answer. At least they jiggle.
Jiggling is better than sweating. But in the case of soccer, not much.