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Soccer grandma seeing gold

By By Ryan Satcher / staff writer
June 30, 2002
For the past seven years Margaret Remy has proudly worn her "Soccer Grandma" t-shirt with the names of her four soccer-playing grandsons.
Remy and her husband John follow their grandsons' teams when work schedules allow. The two of them have followed the teams to soccer complexes in a three-state area over the past seven years.
Not only is Remy a strong supporter of her grandsons, but also of the sport of soccer.
Remy has been a voluntter at all 11 State Games of Mississippi, and has worked at both the youth and adult soccer venues.
This year Remy volunteered at the U-19 soccer competition of the State Games. There she was able to watch her son-in-law, Forest Hime, and son, Kevin Remy, coach the U-19 Meridian Ballers to a gold medal. On the team were grandsons Blake Remy and John Hime.
The winning did not stop there for the Remy grandsons. Her other two grandsons, Micah Hodges and Joshua Remy, completed the sweep in the State Games. The two played for the U-14 Pioneer-Rush Rapids team that took home the gold. Remy was able to make it back from a trip to support the two in the gold medal game.
Just because the State Games are over doesn't mean the soccer supporting is over for Margaret. She will be traveling to watch the grandsons participate in the Clash of Champions. All gold and silver medal winning teams will travel to Alabama to face the gold and silver winners of the State Games of Alabama.
Win or lose, Remy will be there supporting the teams wearing her "Soccer Grandma" shirt with pride.