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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

By Staff
Interstates are dangerous
To the editor:
I'm very concerned about the many accidents and pile ups that have occurred on Interstate 59/20 where all the construction is taking place. Part of the problem is the lack of any kind of traffic control. Just putting up cones to direct traffic is not sufficient.
My wife and I recently went on vacation to South Carolina and ran into construction in every state, but it seemed to be well controlled with men directing traffic and well marked lanes with warning signs well in advance. Also, there are signs posted that indicate that speeding fines are doubled in construction zones.
I travel I 59/20 every day to work in Laurel and the section where construction is going on is extremely dangerous. I have seen at least four pileups since they started, including the one on June 20.
One last point. Where I 59 merges with I 20 west of Meridian will still be with us when construction is finished, and that's the worst part of the interstate coming into Meridian.
John Crampton
via e-mail
Navy training leaving NAS Meridian?
To the editor:
The following letter was sent to Sen. Thad Cochran and Mayor John Robert Smith. We do not understand why this impending move has not raised some questions among the listed people above. This move of aircraft will take away work that is currently being achieved here at NAS Meridian. This area will lose many jobs which will have an impact on our community. Meridian does not need any more jobs leaving this area! Why is this not getting some attention?
Dear Sir:
I'm the local representative for the employees of Sikorsky Support Services at the Naval Air Station in Meridian. In addition, we (Union Local, IAM&AW 2793) represent the fueling contract, aircraft simulator contract, aircraft supply contract and the postal workers.
We are concerned about the Navy's impending decision to move approximately 20 T-2 aircraft to Kingsville, Texas. We do not understand why this is being allowed to happen when we here in Meridian are presently meeting the Navy's training requirements. The E2,C2 training is and can be handled in Meridian.
How can it be prudent to increase the cost of moving the aircraft to Texas plus acquiring the necessary buildings, equipment and obtaining a work force to maintain the aircraft?
We are presently in place performing the work. There should be no need to add the expense to the taxpayers to make this change. Why should Meridian have to lose these jobs to Texas? When this move happens, there will be many jobs lost. This in turn will have an impact on the local economy. The people that will lose their jobs will have to move out of state or take lower paying jobs.
Where are our elected representatives? They are elected to represent the people in Mississippi, not Texas. So far, we have only heard from one elected official. He is meeting with us to address our concerns. Come election time we will remember the ones who listened to and acted on our behalf.
This letter is to inform you of our desire to seek representation from the people that we helped elect to office. We are seeking and receiving support from our community. This area of the state intends to back and support the people that support and represent our concerns.
John Ricky Smith
via e-mail