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Andy and Eric wait for train to Paris

By By Chris Whitaker / staff writer
June 29, 2002
Andy and Eric Armstrong were delayed in Munich, Germany, on Friday when they couldn't find a train to take them and their bikes to Paris.
Andy and his grandson had expected a two-hour layover in Munich. That, however, turned into an all-day delay because their train didn't leave until 8:50 that night.
So for the next 11 hours, Andy and Eric slept, walked around the Munich train station, went to an Internet cafe and watched people.
Andy, 58, and Eric, 15, recently completed their European bike trip and were headed for Paris before they return to the United States. They arrived in Munich after taking a train from Budapest, Hungary.
Andy and Eric decided to go across the street from the Munich train station to visit an Internet cafe that was packed.
After e-mailing Andy's wife and sister, the two went back to the train station to wait.
On Thursday night, while waiting at the Budapest train station for their train to Munich, Andy walked around and said he saw 12 trains.
On the ride to Munich, Andy said they didn't get a lot of sleep. Andy said they watched the bike paths they rode at one point during their trip to see other bikers on them.
Andy and Eric should reach Paris 7 a.m. today.