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Shopping for style at a price that won't break the bank

By Staff
Meagan Scott / 4-H summer intern
June 23, 2002
The stores are filled with tank tops, shorts, skirts, Capri pants, sandals, swimsuits and more. It's time to do some shopping for that upcoming trip to the beach or whatever activity you may be involved in this summer.
You'll want to check out the latest colors, patterns, and styles. Each time I head to the mall, the trendy stores tend to lure me inside to check out the latest fashions. I find it difficult to simply "window shop."
Before we even realize it, the stores will suddenly change their look from bright colors and pastels to dark colors and neutrals. Even in the hottest summer month of August, it will be difficult to find lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton.
Racks will be full of wool, leather and polyester. Fall fashions will hit the stores before I begin to think about warm clothes. I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to think about winter clothes when it is 95 degrees outside. I guess retailers don't see it this way because they are ready for us to buy, buy, buy. In order to get the best selection, we have to think ahead a few months and decide in August what we want to wear when the weather finally turns cool in October.
Back to school shopping I know what an ordeal it can be to shop with mom. Kids want the latest styles and moms want the most for their money. How can you do both?
Comparison shop. You shake your head and say that takes all the fun out of shopping.
Not true! Going store to store checking out prices, quality and care of items can be fun. Plus, in the end, kids and moms will both be happy. Kids have the styles they want at a price that won't break mom's pocketbook.
Do you want to learn how to get more clothes for your money and the latest styles when it's time to do some back to school shopping? If you do, then Bonita Lakes Mall is the place to be on June 26 for Mall Mania, You will learn how to be a "smart shopper" using imaginary money while going on a shopping spree at a variety of stores in the mall in search for the "best buys."
Besides learning how to spend your shopping money wisely, you will also learn about clothing care, wardrobe planning and how to select quality garments.
Did you know there is a way to determine the true cost of a garment? Simply divide the cost of the garment by the total number of times you plan to wear it in the number of years you plan on keeping it. This will give you the cost per wearing. By comparing garments in this way, you will be able to see which are the best values. These are just a few of the many things you will learn at Mall Mania. Come join us for an exciting afternoon to find out how to be a "super shopper!"
So when the new fall fashions hit the stores in the middle of August, you will be prepared to head to the mall and do some back to school shopping. You will know how to be a "wise shopper" and buy "what's in" and "what's in mom's price range." When others ask you how you were able to buy so many fashionable clothes at such good prices, you can simply smile and say, "You should have been at Mall Mania!"
The District Horse Show will be held July 11-13 at the Agri-Center and July 20 marks the Centennial Celebration for 4-H. The day will kick off at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson with a 5K/1-mile Run/walk for the Clover and the afternoon will be packed with fun family events.
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