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Lotts continue Games tradition

By By Chris Whitaker/staff writer
June 16, 2002
Danny and Monica Lott ran in the 100 and 200 meter dashes at the State Games of Mississippi on Saturday for the 10th straight year.
Danny said a friend from Picayune encouraged them to check out all the events one year and they were hooked from the very beginning.
For Danny, 36, and Monica, 31, they drive three-and-a-half hours every year from Bay St. Louis to participate in the track and field events. Danny's motivation comes from trying to beat his time the year before.
Monica said there is no competition between the two. She said there is no way she could beat him and that he was her motivation. "The support is there," Monica said. "He's there to catch me when I fall."
Another man decided to leave his mark in all the dashes. Jerry Clark, 70, is this year's oldest participant in the track and field. He's been running the races since 1994, winning 32 gold medals and three silver.
Clark said he loves the camaraderie and the presence of athletes. He won four gold medals in the 200, 400, 800 and 1600 in his age division.
In women's events, eight won gold. They are: Krystal Forbes, 3; Andrea Fairchild, 3; Monica Lott, 2; Alexandra Andreassson, 2; Amy Garcia, 2; Melissa Brents, 2; Ashley Curry, 2; and Anita Malley, 2.
In the men's events, 29 won gold medals. They are: Jason Raines, 4; Glenn Bremenkamp, 4; Jerry Parker, 4; Jerry Rouse, 4; Ken Ellis, 3; Ken Travis, 2; David Dale, 2; Steven Houston, 2; David Venable, 2; Larry Birzer, 2; Steven Jennings, 2; Cleveland Payne, 2; Gates Weaver, 2; Ray Gildea, 2; Noah Bryant, 2; Roger Bynum, 2; Bobby Conn, 2; Glyn Trigg, 2; William Miller, 1; Mike McIntyre, 1; Steve Griffin, 1; William Calvert, 1; Lee McIntyre, 1; Scott Steele, 1; Roger Derby, 1; Horace Britian, 1; Jason Moore, 1; Desmond Roseman, 1; Ed Balthrop, 1; William Anderson, 1; and Ulysses Taylor, 1.