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Andy and Eric glimpse a surprising sight

By By Penny Randall / staff writer
June 21, 2002
Andy and Eric were shocked Thursday when they saw a lady sunbathing topless as they rode their bikes along the Danube River.
Besides that, Andy said he has noticed the summer heat and the occasional cool breeze. Andy, 58, and his grandson, Eric, 15, are in the middle of a bike trip across Europe.
They are expected to finish their trip at the end of the month.
On Wednesday night, Andy and Eric stayed at the Gasthaus Kaffenbock hotel in Kasten, Austria, along the Danube River. There, Andy watched the ship traffic on the Danube.
But, Armstrong said, there has been a downside to the trip: None of the rooms in which they have stayed have air conditioning. Andy said he and Eric have kept their windows open.
Thursday started early for Andy and Eric. After an early-morning breakfast, Andy and Eric boarded their bikes, hit the roads and passed by acres of scenic country.
Several times Thursday, Andy thought he had lost Eric. Andy found his grandson snapping pictures.
Andy and Eric also met three ladies who were riding their bikes.
Andy and Eric stopped later Thursday in the small town of Huttin, Austria, to use the phone. And to Andy's surprise, he saw the same three ladies he spoke with earlier.
Andy said he believes Eric might be getting a little homesick. But Eric said he is looking forward to next weekend when he will celebrate is 16th birthday on June 30.