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How tall does lantana grow?

By By Amelia O’Brian / horticulture columnist
June 16, 2002
Dear Gardener: Please settle a dispute between my sister and myself. She says that I should be pruning my clematis vine. I never have and it always blooms beautifully. Which one of us is right?
Dear Reader: If your vine is blooming well and looks healthy, continue with the treatment you have been giving it. I personally do little more than remove dead stems after the vine has fully leafed out.
The "experts" recommend the following guidelines though. Clematis types that bloom on old wood, such as Clematis montana, do not necessarily need pruning. After they bloom you can remove dead or diseased stalks. Other types that bloom on current season's growth, like jackmanii, can be pruned in the spring before the current year's growth begins if needed.
Dear Gardener: How tall does lantana grow? I love the pretty flowers and would like to put some into my garden. But, I have a border of monkey grass around my beds and I am not sure if the lantana will be seen. The ones I have seen appear to creep close to the ground.
Dear Reader: Lantana comes in different heights. The one you are probably familiar with is the low growing Lantana montevidensis. It is a low mounding, but beautifully flowering plant that is available in purple and white.
Lantana camara is a bit larger. It comes in several different colors/color combinations. These vary from pink and red to orange and yellow. It is also available in different heights depending on the variety. Be sure to check the plant labels before purchase to determine the correct one for your garden.