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Parishioners support local Catholic clergy

By Staff
HEALING WOUNDS The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops met in Texas this week to deal with the sex scandal that has shaken the church. Props courtesy of The Bible Bookstore and LaBiche Jewelers. Photo illustration by Paula Merritt / The Meridian Star
By Ida Brown / religion editor
June 16, 2002
As America's Roman Catholic bishops met in Dallas this week hoping to heal a church fractured by allegations of sex abuse, local parishioners came together to show support for their leaders.
Recognizing how hard any crisis can hit home, parishioners of St. Patrick Catholic Church recently expressed their support to the Revs. Elvin Sunds, pastor, and Jerry Daniels, associate pastor, during mass services.
Parishioners said they had noticed the concern shown by Sunds and Daniels over the issue.
After discussing their concerns with Sister Andr Burkhart, pastoral associate, a group of parishioners decided to show the priests their support.
Each of the parishioners made their declarations during the regular mass service they attended.
Grateful for the support shown by Meridian's Catholic community throughout the clergy sex abuse crisis, Sunds said it is important to put things in perspective.
Noting that sexual abuse by clergy constitutes less than 1 percent of the clergy, Sands said one individual is too many.
Souligny added that while the sex abuse scandal is a serious matter, it will not be the end of the Catholic church.