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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

By Staff
Family says thanks to Riley nurses, doctors
To the editor:
Recently, our mother, Dorothy Jean Branton, was a patient at Riley Hospital. She was a kidney dialysis patient for 18 years and had been in Riley's on several occasions. We would like to thank the staff, especially the nurses on fifth floor, and Dr. Boone and Dr. Clark for the wonderful treatment she received. Also for the way they treated us with respect, kindness and understanding during our mother's last days.
We would also like to say thank you to the staff at Kidney Care for the kindness they have shown us over the years and the wonderful care they gave to our mother. We know that she was ready to see her Lord and Savior, and it is in that comfort that we rest. Thanks again, and I still say Meridian is the best hometown to be from.
Patty Branton Hall
Diann Branton Crane.
Dexter, Mo.
via e-mail
Lawmakers should also consider needs of mentally ill
To the editor:
The true test of a people's moral fiber is the care of its most vulnerable and poorest. Historically, nations in decline have been noted to have been those that were the most lax, showing the greatest distinction between the "haves" and the "have nots."
It may be of interest that our mental health centers throughout the state (while even now grossly underfunded) depend to a great degree on Medicaid monies for operation.
The case management programs in these centers provide crisis management, home visits, transportation to medical and dental appointments, and transportation to acquire medications. The social workers in these programs are sometimes the only contact some of the clients have with another person. These and other vital programs are in precarious positions because of impending cuts in Medicaid dollars.
It would behoove our legislators to consider the mentally ill, these their most beleaguered and overlooked constituents, when considering slashes in Medicaid.
In this day of a supposed return to traditional values, how are we faring? How are we treating our fragile poor?
Brenda Pennington
National Alliance
for the Mentally Ill
Soapbox Derby a lot of fun
To the editor:
I am writing to commend Danny and Linda Hill for their work for our area young people. These two people worked very hard to reintroduce Soapbox Derby racing to this community. There were 16 racers competing and fun was had by all.
While sponsors helped, I am personally aware of the substantial time and money that Danny and Linda Hill provided for this effort. They are truly appreciated by me and I am sure the entire community.
Bruce Martin
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Youth string ensemble
enjoys first performance
To the editor,
The newly organized Meridian Youth String Ensemble enjoyed its first performance Saturday, May 18, at Bonita Lakes Mall.
Under the direction of Lora Tucker, the group performed various selections for interested shoppers and friends, and for many proud parents and grandparents.
Members of the group include:
Violin: Courtney Elliot, William Tucker, Ty May, Lauren Glisson, Rachel Savoy, Shelly Knochenmuss, Vanda Moore, Beau Haguewood, Annie Morgan, Acelyn Boler, Karen Coats, Obie Drew Clifton, Jason Forrest, Mary Hall, Heather Dunnam, Adrion McKinney, Susannah Slimp, Jacqueline Giles, Alicia Coleman, Elona Coats; viola, Amanda Terrien, cello; Benjamine Johnson; double bass; Jason Tucker. Soloist included: Arica Evans, Nancy Moore, Joshua Forrest, violin and Tyler Torgerson, viola.
The group includes beginners and intermediate students of all ages and also welcomes parents and other adults interested in playing. For more information about how to join contact, Lora Tucker at 693-7086 or Peavey Melody Music, on 22nd Avenue in downtown, at 483-9208 or 483-9214.
Lora Tucker