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Sunday, May 19, 2002

By Staff
Where were the parents?'
To the editor,
I had to respond to the letter written by Mr. J.R. Kinard concerning the little girl on the school bus who got caught in the door. Like he said, where were the parents? Who would let a five-year-old or 10-year-old stand by the road?
Where I live in the Zero and Causeyville area I see it every day. Where are the parents and are they in the bed or they already off to work or do they care. I see lots of kids throwing rocks and pushing and playing right side of the road. Sometimes cars have to swerve to keep from hitting them. The one who is over transportation needs to ride by one morning and see what I see.
Parents if you can't watch your children in the morning or drop them off like a lot of parents do, get someone responsible to watch them. Some even stand in the cold and rain waiting for the bus.
So, please, before something tragic happens, be safe not sorry and pay more attention to our future.
Elaine Smith
Partisan political
games should end
To the editor:
I am outraged at the partisan games that Senator Daschle and Senator Leahy have been playing with President Bush's judicial nominees. They have
created a crisis in the federal courts by leaving these important positions vacant indefinitely.
President Bush has nominated over 100 men and women of distinction and accomplishment. They are solidly within the mainstream of American legal opinion and all of the pending nominees thus far have received either a well-qualified or qualified rating from the American Bar Association.
Judges help ensure that the innocent remain free and the guilty are punished. Judges make decisions that help safeguard the stability of the marketplace and address the grievances of those who have been wronged.
Because of the number of vacancies in our nation's courts, Americans are being forced to wait for justice, and the burden on sitting federal judges is growing heavier.
I expect more than partisan politics from our nation's leaders. Senators Daschle and Leahy need to end their stonewalling and confirm President
Bush's judicial nominees.
Sidney B. Barnett
On Carmichael's
political party switch
To the editor:
When Videt Carmichael ran for the State Senate, I and several others worked extremely hard to get him elected. We all are now disappointed. The others insisted that I write this letter. During the election process, Carmichael assured me his basic philosophies were Democratic and, from discussions, they appeared to be so. I warned him how the Republicans would wine and dine him and make him feel important to try to get him, and he assured me he would never switch to the Republican Party. Sonny Montgomery was a conservative Democrat and remained loyal to the party for decades.
I have never seen any public official so brazenly betray those who supported and elected him, or as uncommitted to any principles as Carmichael. He said he was a Democrat when he ran. In a Clarion-Ledger article on Nov. 19, 2000, he said he was bipartisan and said, "You're not there for a party." Now he says he is a Republican.
I have heard of politicians talking out of both sides of their mouth, but it appears Carmichael has three sides  so far. There is just something ethically and morally wrong with a person accepting money and support from one party and then switching over. They should be required to resign and then run on the ticket they wish in the next election.
To the Republicans, I say, "You are welcome to him." And as a Democrat, I say, "Good riddance."
Joe Clay Hamilton
Character Education
program appreciates
The Star's support
To the editor:
On behalf of the Meridian Public School District Office of Character Education, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to The Meridian Star for a year of support and generosity. Buddy Bynum, Helen Reynolds and Janet McDonald have proven themselves willing and able to provide a level of support that in the end must be judged as indispensable to the continued success of the "Community of Character" program.
When I first approached the staff of The Star in the fall of 2001, consensus was quickly reached regarding an overriding need to promote our message to the community. It was generously decided that a page a month would be donated for the purpose of showcasing the people and ideas involved with character building within our schools and community.
Toward that end, Buddy has proven exceptionally helpful. Without fail, he has made himself available to support the effort. His "can do" attitude has been critical to the overall quality of the Character Education page each month.
Every month Janet or Helen made themselves available to skillfully and artfully organize and arrange our information so as to produce the finest representation of our message. Even though they were always busy with other work, she never failed to meet me with a smile. She was unfailingly patient with my ideas and suggestions. She worked quickly and efficiently, and somehow always managed to include all of the most important material. In the end, the page was always ready for me to preview before being sent to print.
Each and every month, the Character Education page has looked wonderful. We at Meridian Public Schools are particularly grateful for this level of support  and very proud that, together, we have been able to reach out so deeply into our community through this program.
Cindy Burt
Character Education Project
Meridian Public School District
Soccer tournament
organizers deserve
pat on the back
To the editor:
Meridian Youth Soccer Organization recently hosted the MYSA Central District Soccer Tournament in Meridian. This tournament brought to our city more than 1,200 soccer players between the ages of eight and 18, plus their family members, coaches and referees. In two days, these athletes participated in more than 125 games.
Organizing a tournament of this magnitude involves a great number of volunteers and many hours of hard work, and Meridian is very fortunate to have individuals and agencies who are willing to donate their time and products to help.
On behalf of the Meridian Youth Soccer Organization, we wish to thank the following agencies who offered their services, facilities and or products in order to make this tournament a success: Meridian Public Schools, Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine Team, LEMA, Diamond Wireless Inc., Papa John's Pizza, the Meridian Police Department, Meridian Community College, the City of Meridian Parks and Recreation Department, the Dusty Social Service Club, Lauderdale County Tourism, the MYSO Board of Directors and those many, many soccer parents who worked long, hot hours doing whatever needed to be done.
MYSO was proud to host the Mississippi Central District Soccer Tournament and proud to be part of such a giving community. Once again, thank you for being part of this weekend.
Doug Kitchens, MYSO President
Jamie Smith,
MYSO Tournament Director