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Festive atmosphere warms chilly night at Meridian's Mardi Gras block party

By Staff
GET DOWN! Mary Moore enjoys shaking things up as she listens to "Kabana" perform during the Mardi Gras block party Friday night in downtown Meridian. Photo by Paula Merritt / The Meridian Star
By Fredie Carmichael/staff writer
Feb. 2, 2002
Dott Du Rapau spends nearly every year celebrating Mardi Gras through the streets of New Orleans her native city.
On Friday night, though, 75-year-old Du Rapau spent her first night celebrating the festivities in downtown Meridian.
Du Rapau joined hundreds of other party-goers who gathered at Dumont Plaza for the second annual Mardi Gras block party.
Besides the music of Kabana and featured entertainer, Rosie Ledet, "The Zydeco Sweetheart," there was plenty of food and drinks for all who joined the party.
Food booths were set up by Jack's Sandwich Shop, D.T. Grinders and Cafe Latt. On the menu: Seafood gumbo, shrimp po-boys, crawfish touffe and hamburgers. Budweiser, a major event sponsor provided refreshments for the night.
The party started at 5:50 p.m. when deejays from several local radio stations got on stage and threw t-shirts, beads and other Mardi Gras paraphernalia into the hands of waiting audience members who had already gathered in front of the stage.
April Fulton, 20, of Meridian, grabbed a handful of beads while waiting to see Kabana perform.
Du Rapau said she's glad Meridian has decided to get in on the celebration of Fat Tuesday.