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Water level lower, lower

By Staff
SHRINKING LAKE James Graham, top photo, jogs around Bonita's partially drained lower lake. Graham jogs on the path around the lake three times a week, and has watched the water level with interest. At bottom, the water level has dropped several feet as officials seek to plug leaks in the dam. PHOTO BY FREDIE CARMICHAEL / THE MERIDIAN STAR.
By Fredie Carmichael/staff writer
Jan. 19, 2002
James Graham jogs the path around Bonita's lower lake three times a week and, lately, he's wondered where all the water has gone.
Graham's observation is correct. The lake is being slowly drained by city workers, who are looking for possible leaks in the dam near the spillway. Hugh Smith, fresh water superintendent, said the project began in mid-October.
Smith said it has taken a few months to get the lake at the proper level because of heavy rains in November and December.
The drained water was diverted to Sowashee Creek.
Smith said he believes the leaks began when trees were planted in a buffer zone between the lower lake and the east entrance of Bonita Lakes Mall near Highway 19.
Smith said once the leaks are located, city workers will add earth in the problem areas.