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Daydreaming is fun, but real life is more interesting

By Staff
DAYDREAMING n Bobby Rushing sits astride a big Harley-Davidson, imaging a cross-country trip on the open road. Such an experience would fulfill one of his thoughts of, "Gee, I wish I could do that." Submitted photo
By Bobby Rushing/Special to The Star
Sept. 2, 2001
Is it past time to grow that scraggly beard, don a slick, black leather jacket, straddle a big Harley-Davidson and begin a month-long ride along old Route 66?
You'd likely stop all along the way at many a "one-gas-station, one-cafe" crossroads. You'd read the unfamiliar names of the small, long-forgotten villages that have faded with time, given away to the bypassing, replacing, interstate monster four-lanes, creating those often referred to "ghost towns."
You would want to spend a little time at each stop, letting thoughts of what you picture as how it used to be slide across your mind. Then you'd journey on down the old, worn and potted pavement of this long-ago major cross-country drive.