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Getting ready for Labor Day doubles tournament

By By M.A. Copeland/Special to The Star
Aug. 28, 2001
With fall and winter leagues under way, it didn't take long for the scores to show up as Mark Mass headed up a list of 700's as he bowled his first ever with a nice 727.
He was followed by Amy Davis' 711, Billy Priester's 701, Andrew Clayton's 742, John Townsend's 701 and Johnny Blackmon's 701. So if you hadn't joined a league yet you still have time. Just call Dixie Bowl at 483-2283 or come by.
We hope all of you have plans to bowl in the Labor Day doubles tournament. Three big days Saturday through Monday, September 1-3. Squads are at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4 p.m Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Monday. There will be a $1000 guarantee for first place. One out of every eight entries will cash. We're looking for a good tournament so come join us.
Now we will go to the high scores of the week. In Trio League, Curtis Rutledge had a 266 and Stan Bottorff had a 703.
For the ladies, Betty Aycock had a 212 and Barbara Holden had a 551. In Ball &Chain, Tyrone McAlpine had a 289 and Johnnie Blackmon had a 719.
Pam McCarty led the ladies with a 222/567. In Senior League, Bill Combs had a 266 and Bob Timms had a 621. Mary Copeland led the ladies with a 236/628. In Monday Nighters, James Dillard had a 247 and Ronnie Thomas had a 657. Janie Tisdale led the ladies with a 227/619. In Hucklebuck, Billy Priester had a 279 and Andrew Clayton had a 742.
In Tuesday Night Mix, Shayne Barfield had a 257 and John Townsend had a 701. For the ladies, Donna McAllister had a 183 and Barbara Skelton had a 495. In Bowlerettes, Pat James had a 243 and Lou Timms had a 591. In Wednesday Mix, M.A. Copeland had a 266 and Johnnie Blackmon had a 701. Amy Davis led the ladies with a 245/711. For you bowlers to know the high scores run Thursday through Wednesday each week.
We still have some openings for men and women to fill leagues every night. If interested please call 483-2283 and we'll help get you started. Until next week, enjoy a bowling visit with us.