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Redistricting Lauderdale County

By Staff
Aug. 8, 2001
Lauderdale County supervisors have officially launched the redistricting season, during which they will tweak and re-define their own political boundaries in accordance with data from Census 2000. It's all part of a once-every-decade process.
Numbers crunchers from the East Central Planning and Development District will help the board plot its course. Already, we know Districts 4 and 5 pose the largest problems in terms of bringing population back toward the county's ideal population of 15,632 per district. District 4 doesn't have enough people while District 5 has too many.
The process can give rise to mischief in drawing boundaries that attempt to favor one district over another or one political group over another. Hopefully, supervisors will forego any attempts at selfish political maneuvering and work in a straightforward manner with the numbers at hand to produce new boundaries.
It's in the county's best interests that this be done quickly and efficiently.