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In my own words…
Strong responses give Hope

By By Debbie Ford/Special to The Star
Aug. 12, 2001
Hope for Children has had a wonderful response to the call for volunteer assistance. Several people and groups have called to express their willingness to help.
Unfortunately, the answering machine was not working properly when that article ran so there were several messages that were unintelligible. Another problem was our report that Hope for Children had registered at Dillards when in fact that had not yet been done. Hope for Children is now registered at Dillards, Sears, McRaes, and Troy Brand.
The Master Gardeners have started an ambitious volunteer project. They have agreed to supervise the development of a plan for grounds and landscaping upkeep.  Already Bill McBride and Tom Walters have cleaned up shrubs and crepe myrtle around the Peavey House Cottage. With the help of several young men from Phi Kappa, the sidewalk is now cleared across the front along 23rd Avenue.
Dwayne Flowers and the men of Mt. Gilead Church are taking on cleaning up the pool area and patching the pool
Leon Bailey has volunteered to cut and remove the dead and diseased trees.
RSVP has provided a volunteer, Ruth Felts, to answer the phone and greet visitors. She has been a great help.
What's wonderful are the people who have said, "I'll do anything!"
We have been able to use the volunteers for the grounds and pool. Until the renovations are complete, we will not be able to use the many people who have volunteered to paint, do carpentry, even paint murals on the walls.
A tremendous amount of items (children's clothing, bedding, household goods, etc,) have been donated.  Volunteers have sorted and inventoried these items so that we will know what we have and can access it when needed.
Volunteers have also come forward to help with the move of the Peavey House from their old locations to their cottage on Hopes campus.
Renovation has been completed on one cottage and Peavey House will be moving into this cottage this weekend. We want the community to know that Hope for Children is entering into major fund raising activities to raise the money needed to renovate the remaining cottages. In addition to donations, we may need people to help with our fund raising projects. 
For more information about volunteering, call 553-8660 and ask for Tina Dyess.
Debbie Ford is the program director for Hope For Children. Call her at 553-8660.