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Police complete phase one of theft probe

By By Suzanne Monk/The Meridian Star
Aug. 8, 2001
The first phase of an investigation into money allegedly stolen from the front desk at the Meridian Police Department is complete.
Acting Police Chief Benny DuBose said Tuesday that he has received a report from the department's Internal Affairs Committee, and expects to make recommendations to the mayor's office Thursday or Friday.
The investigation centers around a Meridian police officer and a civilian employee who allegedly stole several thousand dollars from the MPD's front desk between February and May 2001.
DuBose said suspicion was aroused when bank deposits came up short. Cash and checks were missing from the deposits of more than one of the department's three shifts, but the two employees suspected of the thefts worked on the same shift.
They were suspended.
DuBose said both suspects are co-operating to a degree with the investigation and confirmed a meeting last week between Internal Affairs and one of the suspended workers, who was accompanied by an attorney.
A criminal investigation is also under way but DuBose declined to comment on what, if any, charges might be made against either suspect.
The money was discovered missing, and the employees suspended, shortly after Memorial Day. DuBose estimated in early July that the investigation would be complete within two weeks; he said Tuesday the criminal investigation was delayed because one of the suspects' attorneys has been out of town.
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