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Johnathon Mars

By Staff
July 31, 2001
Many, too many, children face the pain of cancer. Four-year-old Johnathon Mars of Meridian began chemotherapy treatments for cancer again last week at University Medical Center Children's Hospital in Jackson. His cancer, diagnosed as rhabdomyosarcoma  a malignant soft tissue tumor  on his first birthday in 1998, has been in remission for about two years.
Now it's back, but the young man has a fighting spirit that is already an inspiration to other cancer patients. His parents, Robyn and Andy Mars, and big brother, Josh, are doing all they can do in his behalf.
And, in fact, many in our community are offering their prayers and other support.
Cancer is a heavy burden for anyone to bear, an over-burden perhaps in very young patients who should be able to romp and play with their friends.
We encourage everyone in our community to include in their prayers Johnathan Mars and other cancer patients whose names we may not know. Let us also pray that a cure will one day be found, a cure that will end this kind of suffering once and for all.