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Fatal car crash case presented to Kemper grand jury today

By By Sheila Blackmon/The Meridian Star
July 17, 2001
A Kemper County grand jury is expected to hear an investigation case today into the death of Donald Fox, who died in October in a two-car collision near Porterville.
District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell said the grand jury on Monday heard all the cases in the July session except the case of Fox's death, which is the only case scheduled for today.
He said the case was not presented to the January grand jury because the file presented to the district attorney's office at that time "did not show there had been a felony crime committed."
The collision occurred on Highway 498 about 7 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 14, Kemper county officials said.
Mitchell would not say who drove the car that collided with Fox's because no charges have been filed in the case.
The grand jury may decide no one was at fault in Fox's death, or the case may result in an indictment against the other driver. Mitchell said an indictment, if handed down, could be anything "from a misdemeanor traffic offense to manslaughter."
The grand jury heard a death investigation case Monday into the death of Walter Jimison. Mitchell said the elderly man's family had reported bruises on the man's body, but the state medical examiner's autopsy showed he died of natural causes.
Mitchell said a total of 26 cases were presented to the grand jury, including two cases of lustful touching of a child, two aggravated assaults, a robbery, a burglary of a building, manufacture of marijuana, five for possession of cocaine, shooting into an occupied dwelling and two for possession of a firearm by a felon.
After hearing the last case today, Mitchell said grand jurors will make their inspections. Arraignments will be held Thursday beginning at 9 a.m.
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