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Crews clear new trail at Bonita Lakes

By Staff
ROAD BUILDER  Glen Davidson helps build a road through part of Bonita Lakes that will ease access to the popular recreational park. Photo by Carisa McCain/The Meridian Star
By Fredie Carmichael/The Meridian Star
July 11, 2001
Bikers and runners are about two months away from using a new access road to Bonita Lakes Park behind a wall of pine trees that separate the two lakes from the city's shopping center.
The once desolate woods of the park are now filled with sounds of bulldozers and dump-trucks, as city crews clear land for the new $107,000 trail that also will serve as an emergency access to the park.
The city and state are splitting the cost.
Hugh Smith, the city's Freshwater Treatment superintendent said the 10-foot wide trail also will be used as an extra entrance when the park hosts special events similar to the annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration.
The new trail will empty onto Bonita Lakes Drive, which Smith said would make big events at the lake less of a traffic nightmare. Work on the project began a month ago and is expected to be finished in September.
Bill Nugent, Meridian's senior planner, explained that the new trail is mainly for park goers and will be closed to vehicles until special events or emergencies happen.
Nugent said that the new trail will be made out of special product that will be easier for hikers and bikers to use.
With talk of a Southern Arts and Entertainment Center being built at Bonita, Nugent said, a new entrance way to the park would be a must. But he doesn't think the new trail will be used for that.
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