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July 3, 2001

By Staff
Construction codes are updated
To the Editor:
This is in response to the editorial dated Wednesday, June 27, 2001, "Time to Update Building Codes."
Contrary to the editorial's statement that the city operates under a "35-year-old set of building codes," the City of Meridian adopted the Standard Building Code in 1966. These construction codes are updated approximately every three years. The city has adopted the updated codes since that date, and currently operates under the 1997 Standard Building Code, 1997 Standard Mechanical Code, 1997 Standard Gas Code, and 1997 Standard Plumbing Code.
These codes were adopted on Feb. 17, 1998 by the City of Meridian. The 1999 National Electrical Code was adopted May 4,1999. These are the same types of codes that currently exist in Hattiesburg, Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi, Natchez, Tupelo and other Mississippi communities.
In order to provide flexibility to developers, the 1997 Standard Building Code allows a process for the use of alternative building materials and methods and states that "the provisions of the technical codes are not intended to prevent the use of any material or method of construction not specifically prescribed by them provided any such alternate has been reviewed by the Building Official."
In accordance with the code, "the Building Official is required to approve the use of alternative materials and methods of construction which are equivalent to those prescribed in the code. The applicant is responsible for submitting adequate documentation to the Building Official that demonstrates that the alternate materials and methods of construction are equivalent to requirements in the code regarding quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability and safety."
The Community Development Department will continue to promote the development of our community by working with developers and the general public to meet changing needs and to support orderly and positive growth.
Don Farrar
Community Development Department
City of Meridian
Travelers rescued' by friendly staff
To the Editor:
On Monday the 25th of June, my wife and I were returning from visiting our son in Texas and, as we were passing through Meridian, our van quit.
We were almost directly in front of the Fleetwood Home Center. I walked over there and Chuck Hodges and Angel Bradley were extremely helpful.
They called a mechanic who would work on it for us and called a wrecker. They also made the facilities and waiting area available to us while we waited. It was only a short time until the wrecker arrived and carried the van to the Shell South on Roebuck Drive where Charles and another mechanic (I apologize for not getting his name) interrupted their work schedule to repair our van and get us on the road again.
I would like to thank each of these people for helping us. It was ironic that we had mentioned to each other many times on the entire trip about how many vehicles were parking along the interstate all the way from Tennessee to Texas and back. We were lucky to have these people help us so we were not in that group very long.
Thanks to all.
Ray Myers
Freedom riders should boost economy
To the Editor:
I was watching WTOK-TV and heard John Johnson say that the freedom riders were coming to Jackson, Miss. It is just so nice to know that the freedom riders are coming because this event will "pump up" our economy and I hope all our elected officials will get out and greet them with open arms.
I hope they will send out invitations for even more to come because Mississippi's economy can sure use the boost. Why, with this event, the school teachers should be able to have a large pay increase.
I know this event is causing a lot of money to be spent and the economy just has to take off. Seems like the freedom riders would come three or four times a year … it would really help our economy.
Ernest J. Dearman